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About Us


Dwelling houses

‘Derevianyi Dim’ company provides services of design and construction of wooden houses of profiled glued timber and according to the frame technology. The Company also manufactures and sells pallets.
Comfort, elegance, prestige – these are characteristics of a glued timber house.                                                                                                More… 

Bathhouses and summerhouses

If you aim at building a comfortable, up-to-date and eco-friendly bathhouse or summerhouse, then consider glued timber.

Why glued timber?


About Us

ABOUT Derevianyi Dim LLC

Derevianyi Dim LLC is Ukrainian company and was founded in 2003. The main activities of the company are the production of glued beam for wooden houses and the manufacture of pallets. The company sells products throughout Ukraine and exports to the European Union.

Derevianyi Dim LLC offers the following wooden products:

- Glued laminated timbers and beams (GLULAM), glued ceiling beams
- Wooden houses made of timber (residential, holiday, bath, gazebo, etc.)
- Molded wooden products (block house, false bar, lining, floor board)
- Wooden packaging (EURO EPAL 1 pallets, pallets of 2 grades, lightweight pallets, non-standard pallets)

The company has its own production facilities in the city of Yavoriv, Lviv region, which are equipped with modern professional equipment, automated lines and drying facilities. Derevianyi Dim LLC carries out a complete production cycle, the production processes are automated, and at all stages a quality control system is implemented to ensure the production of high-complexity wooden products, their quality and reliability in operation.

A team of professionals (engineers, architects, designers, builders) has been formed. These are highly qualified professionals with years of experience, with excellent technical training and always open to cooperation.

Derevianyi Dim LLC is licensed by the European Pallet Association and is a certified licensed manufacturer of EURO pallets of EURO EPAL 1 (License). The quality of the wood, the fastening of the pallet elements, the markings and the permissible dimensions of our pallets are exactly EPAL EURO standard. Our Euro pallets are stamped with EPAL and phyto-sanitary stamp. In addition, the production of non-standard pallets and lightweight pallets is streamlined, which is the optimal solution in situations where lower pallet capacity and cost savings are required.

The company has completed about a hundred houses made of glued beam. All our wooden house projects can be viewed on the "Projects" page, and photos of completed wooden houses from the beam - on the "Photo Gallery" page. Wooden houses made of glued beam provide natural environmental friendliness and durability. Glued beam is a high-tech construction material that does not crack, does not twist, gives minimal shrinkage, does not require additional finishing works, provides perfect thermal insulation and optimum microclimate indoors.

Many years of experience, a comprehensive approach to maintenance, own production facilities, modern equipment, automated lines, a professional team of specialists ensure the production of high-complexity wooden products, its quality and reliability in operation, natural environmental friendliness and durability of use.

We invite you to cooperate - we will be glad to see you among our partners!