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License EPAL 1 EURO

licence EPAL

The ‘Derevianyi Dim’ LLC (Ukraine) company has a license from the European Pallet Association (EPAL) for the production of euro-pallets of the standard EPAL EURO (EPAL 1). Our Euro-pallets accurately meet the standard and provide quality and reliability in operation.




Profiled glued timber

Клеєний брус

The company ‘Derevianyi Dim’ LLC (Ukraine) offers profiled glued timber of its own production, as well as designing and manufacturing houses made of profiled glued timber. Glued beam is a high-tech building material that does not crack, does not twist, gives minimal shrinkage, provides perfect insulation and optimal microclimate.


Non-Standard pallet


The company ‘Derevianyi Dim’ LLC (Ukraine) makes non-standard pallets taking into account the individual needs of the customer. Specialists of our company will select for you an individual decision, taking into account all your requirements and wishes. We can manufacture pallets of various configurations and sizes, with different number of top and bottom boards and blocks. The customer receives an individual decision at an affordable price and without loss of quality.

Characteristics of non-standard pallets:

Possible dimensions: 1200x1200 mm, 1200x1000 mm,
1200h800 mm, 1000x1000 mm, 1000x800 mm and others.
Safe working load - up to 1500 kg.нестандартні палети
Material: lumber of coniferous and hardwood
1-2 class varieties.
The upper deck of the pallet can number 5-7 boards.
The structure is fastened with construction nails.
The pallets are marked with a phyto-sanitary stamp.



The production process begins with filtered wood selection. We are paying much attention to working with suppliers. We carry out high-quality timber picking so that our pallets guarantee a long life.

The company ‘Derevianyi Dim’ LLC (Ukraine) has an automated drying complex, in which the finished pallets are dried in thermal cells to 10-12% humidity. The whole process is controlled by modern devices and automated. This allows you to get a high quality product that delivers the strength of the pallets.

Engineers design individual solutions, and a team of specialists with many years of experience will ensure the production of quality non-standard pallets.

More about production on page "Production of non-standard pallets" ...



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полегшені палети

полегшені палети

полегшені палети

полегшені палети