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Services And Prices

Why glued timber?

no crack formation or crooking of glued timber due to the absence of internal stresses

minimum glued timber shrinkage 

ready façade material 

perfect heat insulation

optimal microclimate inside rooms

glued timber – environmentally friendly and ensuring lasting quality

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Services And Prices

‘Derevianyi Dim’ company deals with production and sale of its own produce:

 1. Profiled glued timber, thickness 95, 140, 180 mm.

 2. Rounded rectangular shaped, thickness 140, 180 mm.

 3. Glued beams of different section.

 4. Running meter products (lining boards, floor boards, false timber, block house).

 5. Euro pallets. 

We also provide the following services:

 1. Construction of the glued timber houses.

 2. Building a profiled rectangular timber.

 3. Building construction with profiled round timber.

 4. Construction of frame houses.

 5. Making the design document package.

 6. Cutting of logs on the power-saw bench.

 7. Timber drying.

 8. Incision of crowning cups on the Customer’s timber.

* You may inquire about the products and services price at: tel. +380 32 592-21-90

The standard set includes: frame timber, outer and inner walls, rafter system, roof beams. The final price of the house set is formed upon the production of the working document package according to the approved draft design.

The wall set is a set of wooden elements with 10-12% humidity. Every element is cut according to the design and enumerated in accordance with the design documentation.

The approximate value of assembling and painting is 20-30% of the price for the set. The assembly of the wooden structures is performed by the professional installers.